Middle-Aged Mom Fashion

sooooo, I have been reading A LOT lately about blogging. I have been a blogger for a really looooonnnngggggg time, but it turns out I have been doing a lot of it all wrong. Humphhhhh. The good news is that I have a lot of new information coursing through my veins that equips me with continue reading…


Bully proof Yourself

Here is the follow up video from my first video about being bullied at 43. Find out what I learned about bully’s, what they want to do to you and what you can do to stop their affects.


Generational Milestones

Today is a big day! My oldest daughter graduated from her higher education. She is a brilliant business woman who has overcome obstacles to be as successful as she is. My daughter inherited the sometimes debilitating mental illness called Bi-polar disorder. On her fathers side of the family, the effects were tragic. Her aunt committed continue reading…


Bullied at age 43

Today, I was bullied, here’s what I have to say about that.


Confessions from a recovering dramma momma

My name is Faydra, and I am a recovering Drama Momma. For years I used gossip, judgement, critical comments, mean girl syndrome, cordless telephones, cell phones, and social media to feed my need to justify my habit. I had opinions about everything and everyone and felt 100% justified about sharing them with my friends. Additionally, continue reading…


Pissing People Off With A Poignant Pinterest Post

Ohhhhhhhhhh Snarky blog How momma has missed you!!!!!!. Today’s Snarky evolution is brought to you by Face Book who provides us with a never ending opportunity to grow as a human being and most importantly, as a Christian. So, here I am, a motivational speaker, a certified Life Coach and what merely boils down to continue reading…


My Haunted Furniture

Even as I write this I am not completely, fo’ sho’ if I believe what I am about to write. I may need confirmation from Theresa Caputo to be certain, but I am pretty sure my mom is haunting me. My mom died on June 26, 2011. She died fairly horribly from neglect by a continue reading…


Kindness Matters

I swore I wasn’t going to write this post. I swore that I wasn’t going to talk to other people about how I felt when this happened. I wanted to be bigger, better and rise above someone imposing their negativity on me. I tried. It has been almost a week and I have tried. There continue reading…


A Politicing Metaphore

You know that moment when you find out that someone has said something horrible about you? You know that time that you heard something you supposedly did, when you were drunk, and you know you didn’t but people believe you did? Remember how you felt? remember how part of you wanted to publicly stand up continue reading…


A Short Haired Girl Living In A Long Haired World

At forty-two years old I decided to grow my hair out. I had short hair so much of my adult life that my 18 year-old daughter said she could never recall a time I didn’t have short hair. My thinking was this: I am forty-two and soon I will be fifty and at fifty I continue reading…