My Haunted Furniture

Even as I write this I am not completely, fo’ sho’ if I believe what I am about to write. I may need confirmation from Theresa Caputo to be certain, but I am pretty sure my mom is haunting me. My mom died on June 26, 2011. She died fairly horribly from neglect by a care provider. We had lost contact even though we lived in the same town. She had succumbed to the demons of her lifestyle of alcohol and poor choices and we were unable to maintain a relationship through it all.

When she died, I did the one thing I could not do for her in life- I took care of her. I took care of her cremation and burial exactly as she requested including cremating her prized porcelain unicorn with her. Yes, I said a porcelain unicorn. I know, weird huh? I took care of her estate and gave the money away to two women I barely knew because she didn’t want me to have it. What she was ok with me having was any of her furniture. By the time she died, most of her belongings with any real value had long since been stolen or given away to God-knows-who, but most of the family heirloom furniture was still there. Beat to crap, but still there. I took home the dining room set, with the buffet, hutch, table, chairs and a bedroom set with a bed, night stands, vanity and mirror and tall boy dresser. My son, daughter and I brought it all back to life, rubbing out years of nicotine and grime. We had new glass pieces made to protect the tops of the bedroom set and we had the chairs reupholstered.  

My family moved into a brand new home about this time last year. We placed he furniture in the house and it looks lovely, except for one thing……. It keeps moving…….

It started with one of the chairs at the dining table. we would come into the house after being gone or wake up in the morning and it would be moved. It actually happened today. As I came into my office, I noticed it was pushed up and onto the top of the table. The other day, all of the items on my entertainment center were pushed back against the wall. I could go on and on and on about things that have happened in relation to objects moving in the house, but you get the point.

I restored my mothers beloved Mercedes. A lot of you followed the progress as I paid a small fortune to restore the car I learned to drive in. Actually the car will belong to my oldest daughter, whom my mother adored, but for now, I have it. Well the other day for over 24 hours. the light that is in the garage door opener where that car is parked came on for no reason and stayed on no matter what we did to turn it off.

Everyone in the family is convinced that my mom is haunting us through her belongings that we have in our home. You think I would be scared, you think I would be skeeved out by the pretty much knowing that my mom is a ghost and can see me pee in my bathroom, pick a wedgie when I think no one is looking and I won’t even tell you what I think when my husband and I, well, you know…….

The truth is I am not scared. I am not even the least bit afraid nor surprised. It makes perfect sense to me that my mom would do this, it is soooooo her. She was the one who convinced me that we lived in Dairyville in a home that was on top of an Indian burial ground. She was the woman with a Ouija board. She was the one who had a chickens foot talisman. She was scary, weird, and in touch with her inner wolf spirit. She believed in the power of a porcelain unicorn.

My mom was a child of the sixties and the only real favor she did me was to not exercise the newly given right to choose an abortion. I was not planned,  I was wanted but an inconvenience and we had a hard time throughout life. I make no secret of the abuse I was subjected to and I do hold her accountable for her role, but I learned something in her death. When I heard she was gone, I was not relieved or numb, I was sad. I was sad that maybe my mom didn’t go to heaven. I was sad that after all her poor choices and all of her decisions that affected me directly and indirectly, she may have paid too big of a price. I will never know until I find myself on the other side and see if she is waiting for me.

The fact is that I have prayed for her more lately than ever before. I have prayed that if she is here and haunting me in the furniture that while she sees me naked in the shower, or sitting here writing this blog, she is  also seeing me read my Bible, watching uplifting programs that teach her about Jesus’ love and maybe she can hear the good news even in the inbetween she seems to be in.

I am making plans to have the house saged. I am excited to see what I can do to cleanse this house. Not to rid myself of my mother, I have enjoyed seeing how she makes her presence known, but to help her find the peace she must not have, but deserves. I am praying that in death, we can teach a spirit about God’s love and maybe help heal the hurts that keep them from grace.


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